Executive Coaching

siloAwareness Building Program


Top-of-Mind Executive Coaching

Developed on the foundation of Beth’s extensive background, the Awareness Building Program is amethodology that develops consistent strategic impact to align and influence perceptions. Beth and her clients create a safe and confidential environment where clients feel comfortable talking, learning, and developing new skills. Using both proprietary methods and proven assessment tools, Beth guides and supports each executive through a process resulting in heightened self- and other- awareness, and refinement of leadership skills which augment organizational and professional success. Clients gain greater mastery over their pace, emotions, communications, and professional impact.

“Executive coaching is an experiential and individualized leader development process that builds a leader’s capability to achieve short- and long-term organizational goals. It is conducted through one-on-one and/or group interactions, driven by data from multiple perspectives, and based on mutual trust and respect. The organization, an executive, and the executive coach work in partnership to achieve maximum impact.” – ExecutiveCoachingForum2012

The core program is customized for each engagement and may include all or a combination of the following to create awareness, plan and set goals, design actions, and to manage progress with accountability:

  • Executive Coaching (In Person, Skype, and/or Telephone)
  • Assessments (Myers-Briggs; DISC, Motivators, Competencies; Customized 360)
  • Goal Setting
  • Delegation
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Emotional Contagion
  • Listening
  • Teams
  • Values Clarification
  • Feedback
  • Critical Meeting/Presentation Preparation
  • Action Planning

Of equal importance are the Executive Coaching Top-of-Mind Conversations throughout the engagement that provide unstructured opportunities to focus fully on the topics the client brings to the meetings that s/he wants to work on here-and-now. When candid, informative, thought-provoking conversations are part of your professional development, they inspire insights into your strengths and stressors, reveal options available to you, and refresh the way you think about ongoing challenges.  Because change is the constant, heightened awareness sparks creativity, confidence, agility, and the motivation needed to continue to perform at your best.

The overriding purpose of the executive coaching is to provide clients with:

  • Enhanced self awareness to appreciate the implications of habitual, empowering, and demotivating behaviors
  • New skills or augmented approaches to continue to build upon strengths, change or modify behaviors, and achieve intended results during and after the coaching engagement
  • Enhanced willingness and ability to communicate effectively.
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Leader/Onboarding Coaching

Coaching individuals hired or promoted into new leadership roles helps them to accelerate their acquisition of insights and skills required to be both technically and organizationally effective in the new position. For some new leaders, it will be their first experience with having direct reports.

The goal of the coaching is to work with the client to clarify the key priorities, understand the current culture and processes as distinguished from his/her vision and goals, and to reconcile expectations and realities. Other areas include setting up for effective delegation, and strategies for team realignment and development.

New leaders also benefit from coaching to examine the impact on their preexisting relationships due to change of status, development of new relationships, and setting the groundwork for expectations about how people under his/her leadership are to treat one another and to perform.


The Fox and the Goat

A FOX fell into a well, and though it was not very deep, he found that he could not get out again. After he had been in the well a long time, a thirsty Goat came by. The Goat thought the Fox had gone down to drink, and so he asked if the water was good.

“The finest in the whole country,” said the crafty Fox, “jump in and try it. There is more than enough for both of us.”

The thirsty Goat immediately jumped in and began to drink. The Fox just as quickly jumped on the Goat’s back and leaped from the tip of the Goat’s horns out of the well. The Goat now saw what a plight he had got into, and begged the Fox to help him out. But the Fox was already on his way to the woods.

“If you had as much sense as you have beard, old fellow,” he said as he ran, “you would have been more cautious about finding a way to get out again before you jumped in.”

 Aesop’s Fables